succeed in life with no skills whatsoever

3 Simple Steps to Succeed in Life With No Skills Whatsoever

Can you survive in this life with no skills whatsoever? Absolutely. Can you succeed in life with no skills whatsoever? Once again…absolutely!! The world would have you believe that in order to become a big time success, you either need to go to school for 20 years to become a doctor or lawyer, or you have to be some kind of child prodigy and become a big-time athlete or tech guru. Lies, lies, lies. There are 320 million people living in the U.S. today. 10.4 million of them are millionaires. For every 30 people you bump into throughout the day, approximately 1 of them has a $1,000,000 net worth or more.┬áThat’s a pretty surprisingly high ratio! Seem impossible? I mean, you don’t see people driving fancy sports cars on a regular basis. Hardly anyone you meet has a gaudy Rolex hanging off their wrist. And you just don’t hear people[…]

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Simple Side Hustle Ideas #2 – Pet Sitting

Side hustles can be an excellent source of income, especially if you love what you’re doing! Do you love to play with animals? Does your stomach get twisted in a knot every time you hear of someone going on vacation and dropping their pets off at a large corporate dog boarding business? You know they don’t provide the love and care that those animals deserve while their owners are away, but you just haven’t had the courage to stick your neck out in order to watch them yourself. But, you know if no one else will, those pets will just continue to go unloved and neglected for months and years to come! How to Make Money Pet Sitting You absolutely love animals, so why not take care of them once in a while and make some cash in the process? The basic rates of a dog boarding facility is between[…]

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start your own blog

Start Your Own Blog and Make Some Extra Money!

Hi friends! One of the absolute best decisions I made a few years back was to start a personal finance blog. Little did I know that I’d earn more than $10,000 with it each year! And, I also had no idea that I would actually have readers that would ask me for financial advice each day! It has been quite the ride, that’s for sure. Start Your Own Blog and Make Some Extra Money Today, when people ask me what simple side hustle they should do, I immediately say, “Start your own blog!” Most of the time, they look at me with one eyebrow raised and say, “Really? There’s actually money in blogging?” “Ummm…yup.” I mean, look at the yearly earnings below! I’d say there’s some pretty decent money in blogging (I should really carry these figures around with me to more effectively battle the raised eyebrows…): TechCrunch – $10.8M[…]

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