Start Your Own Blog and Make Some Extra Money!

Hi friends! One of the absolute best decisions I made a few years back was to start a personal finance blog. Little did I know that I’d earn more than $10,000 with it each year! And, I also had no idea that I would actually have readers that would ask me for financial advice each day! It has been quite the ride, that’s for sure.

Start Your Own Blog and Make Some Extra Money

Today, when people ask me what simple side hustle they should do, I immediately say, “Start your own blog!” Most of the time, they look at me with one eyebrow raised and say, “Really? There’s actually money in blogging?”

Start Your Own Blog“Ummm…yup.” I mean, look at the yearly earnings below! I’d say there’s some pretty decent money in blogging (I should really carry these figures around with me to more effectively battle the raised eyebrows…):

  1. TechCrunch – $10.8M
  2. Life Hacker – $3.5M
  3. Pro Blogger – $1.3M
  4. Smart Passive Income – $440k
  5. Shoe Money – $350k

My blog ( isn’t quite on this list, but it earns $1,000 a month. If you had a choice between earning nothing and earning $12k a year as a simple side hustle, which would you choose? I’d say, “Thank you sir, I’ll take the $12k, can I have another!”

How to Start a Blog

So how does one actually start a blog as a simple side hustle? It’s actually pretty easy, and you can do it for as little as $24 for the entire first year!┬áJust sign up with iPage to start your WordPress blog (click here for a detailed tutorial) and you can start writing today. Granted, you won’t earn money immediately, but if you get after it for a solid 3 months you can definitely start landing a few hundred bucks each month!

What Should You Write About?

If you didn’t have to work a full-time job, what do you wish that you could do instead? THAT’s probably what you should write about. For me, this was personal finance. For you, it could be DIY stuff, mommy hacks, or exercising. If you have a passion for something, why not write about it? And it could even earn you some money! SaWeet!

How to Find the Time

The hands-down #1 excuse I get from people ALL THE TIME is:

“I don’t have any extra time in my day to write a blog”


  • How many minutes (or hours) do you spend on Facebook each day?
  • How many hours do you spend watching TV?

With those two bullet points, I bet I just found 2-3 hours. If you put that time toward a blog for the next year, you could probably earn yourself enough to buy 20 TVs! Only, you wouldn’t because at that point you’d realize how much of your life you’ve been wasting!

Start Your Own Blog and Become The Next Success Story

Do you know how many people have success stories that never took a step out of their comfort zone?


If you want a chance at becoming a success, then do something different! Start your own blog today.

What’s holding you back? Fear of success? Fear of earning money? Fear of being known?…

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