This site was built for those that want to earn more money. Maybe all you want is $500 a month. Or maybe you’d like $2,000. Heck, maybe you’d like to ditch your job entirely, which means you need $5,000 a month. Whatever your figure is, let me just tell you that…

…it’s possible.

That’s right. Whatever the amount is that you want, it’s absolutely possible. All you need is the right side hustle, and that’s where I come in.

My name is Derek Sall and I’ve been starting businesses since I was 10 years old. This first? A lawn mowing business that earned me $12 an hour, which was more than double the minimum wage at the time. The second? I was a cabinet manufacturer, selling dozens of shoe racks at a local flea market. The third? I was a retailer of smiley face key-chains. I bought them at wholesale for 10 cents a piece and sold them for a quarter. …All before the age of 12.

Today, I’ve ramped up my efforts a bit. I’ve built websites and sold them for a hefty sum. I’ve started a blog and kept it going for passive income. I own and manage a single family rental house. And now, I’m teaching others how to start their own side hustles.

This website will likely make me some money, which is great but that’s not the most important thing. What’s important is getting you started on your journey toward your simple side hustle. What’s essential is getting you on the path to your dreams. It’s time to take the reigns on your life, and that’s going to start with your side hustle. Let’s find out which one is right for you!